Welcome to the Governors page!
The Governing Board is an important part of the leadership of the school, our overall aim is to raise standards in the school and we do this in three key ways: by setting the strategic direction for the school, ensuring
accountability and acting as a critical friend.  Between us we represent parents, staff, the local churches and the local community.  We give our time as volunteers because we are committed to making sure the 
school delivers the best possible education to all its pupils.  At Herstmonceux, the Governing Board operates as a single entity, with delegated responsibility to a Pay Committee for pay and performance decisions.
This small committee is formed from appropriately skilled Governors available when required.  The Governing Board meets regularly, six times a year.  The Governing Board currently has a full complement of twelve
Governors in post.
Who are we?
Catherine Cottingham - Headteacher 
Karen Bye - Chair of Governors/Co-opted Governor
Kellie Russell - Staff Governor
Rev. Richard Steven - Foundation Governor
Tim Roberts - Foundation Governor
Emma Rich-Spice - Parent Governor
Lisa Phillips - Parent Governor
Jenny Alder - Community Governor
Karen Fletcher-Wright - Local Authority Governor
Tony Cooper - Co-opted Governor
Christine Williams - Foundation Governor
Rory Abbott - Co-opted Governor

Clerk to the Governors - John Crouch
You can view our pen portraits on the link at the bottom of this page.  
Governors can be contacted through the Clerk to Governors or the school office.
What is the role of the Governing Board?
As Governors our role is to question and support many aspects of school life.  For example: we work with the Headteacher to set the strategic direction for the school, we agree the school's budget, we make sure 
all the school's policies are up to date, we monitor the standards achieved by learners and the curriculum being taught, and we are responsible for the well being of pupils. 

Part of a school Governing Board's responsibilities are to:

* Promote high standards of educational attainment.
* Set an annual budget detailing planned spending.
* Make decisions on matters such as performance, targets, school policies and school development plans.
* Draw up an action plan following inspection reports.
* Appoint staff, ensuring the implementation of a range of personnel procedures.
* Ensure the health and safety of pupils and staff.

The Governing Board is a 'critical friend', challenging and supporting the Senior Leadership Team, monitoring the outcome of policies and ensuring accountability.

Our school Governors are very supportive and actively take part in all areas of the school curriculum by visiting the school and attending regular Governor meetings. The Terms of Reference for the Governing Board 
can be accessed on the General Governor Information link below.
Governor Vacancies

The governing board has re-constituted under the new Governance Regulations and we now have a full complement of twelve governors.
If you are interested in being a governor in the future please do contact us for an initial discussion.  We are a welcoming governing board and look forward to hearing from you!
Please contact the 
Clerk to Governors via email -, or through the school office.