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Primary School Sports Premium Fund 2013/14

Primary School Sports Premium Awarded

Total number of pupils on roll


Lump sum


Amount received per pupil                  (£5 x 167)


Actual Amount Received


Summary of School Sports Premium

Objectives 2013/14:

- To provide support to develop pupils’ sporting potential

- To develop coaching strategies

- To develop quality sports provision within curriculum PE

- To broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils

- To work alongside the wider community to foster a love of sport and physical activity

Record of spending by item/project





Be the Best you can Be Programme



Cost of resources = £434.70

To build upon the inspiration of London 2012 and raise attainment by:

- Using the activities in the programme to raise pupils’ self-awareness and self-responsibility through completing Dream Books

-Training staff in coaching strategies, using the GROW model, to develop effective questioning 

-Pupils have had an inspirational workshop with Olympian Alison Mowbray and have completed activities exploring their own goals in response to this in their Dream Books.

-The GROW model has been implemented in Year 4 and pupils are using it to develop their questioning and coaching skills.

Provision within curriculum PE with a focus on gymnastics

Cost of resources = £857


Affiliation to British Schools Gymnastics Association = £12


Coaching = £206

-Develop pupil’s skills and teacher’s subject knowledge in gymnastics

-Provide pupils with broader experiences within PE

-Enrich pupils’ experiences of gymnastics

-Raise attainment

-Staff have worked alongside specialist coaches to develop their knowledge of gymnastics

- 29% of pupils have taken part in gymnastics as an extracurricular club at school

-  End of Key Stage 1- Assessment for gymnastics














End of Key Stage 2- Assessment for gymnastics










Celebrate sporting achievements

Awards/trophies = £20

-Raise the profile of sport within school

-Engage pupils in sport and celebrate achievement and participation

-The profile of sport has risen and uptake of clubs has increased by 10% since September.

-71% of pupils took part in the recent intra-school benchball competition which shows a strong engagement with sport from pupils.

Hailsham Cluster Sports Partnership

Affiliation= £1000

Transport to fixtures= £50

-Provide pupils with broader experiences in PE

-Enable pupils to participate in inter-school competition

-39% of KS2 pupils have taken part in an inter-school competition organised by HCC this year.

-Pupils have taken part in 12 inter-school events so far this year.

EYFS/KS1 PE and sport provision

Cost of push boards = £275

Cost of wooden/ waffle blocks = £1249.85

Bikes = £250

-Provide pupils with broader experiences in PE

-Engage EYFS/KS1 in sport

-Resources have engaged pupils in a broader range of outdoor activities and observations show an increase in pupils’ activity levels.

-54% of pupils have shown enthusiasm for sport and engaged in an intra-school competition.

Ensure equipment is safe and functional

Sportsafe UK and equipment inspection = £184.37

- All equipment is to be safe and practical. 

- All equipment has been inspected and is safe for purpose.

Enhance swimming provision (Y5)

Cost of pool hire = £210


Lessons = £204

-Develop pupil’s skills in swimming

-Provide pupils with broader experiences within PE

-Enrich pupils’ experiences of swimming

-Raise attainment

- Staff have worked alongside swimming coaches to deliver sessions that allow pupils to build on their prior skills in swimming

- 10% of Year 5 have participated in an inter-school swimming competition.

- All pupils are able to swim at least 25 metres.



Develop extracurricular netball provision

Equipment = £89.50


Bibs = £43.90


Repaint court markings for playground = £75

-  Provide pupils with access to a netball club within school

- Enrich pupils’ experiences of netball

- Provide pupils with specific Hi-Five resources, including bibs.

- Netball club was offered to KS2 pupils.

- Year 5/6 attended an intra-school tournament at Hailsham Community College.

- A school team was established, who then joined a netball league comprising of local schools in Heathfiled. This involved hosting games and attending away matches.  

- Resources supported the teams in playing netball using the Hi-Five format.

Provide pupils with opportunities to participate in intra-school competitions

Lunch time resources = £483.96


Sports Day resources = £29.71


World Cup resources = £49.80

- Resources to support physical activity and competitions during lunch times.

- Hold a Sainsbury's School Games Day as a culmination of a year round competition programme.
- Provide opportunities for intra-school competition using the World Cup as a stimulus.

-Resources have engaged pupils in a broader range of activities during lunch times and observations show an increase in pupils’ physical activity levels.

-85% of pupils across KS1 and KS2 have participated in an intra-school competition.

- We held a Sainsbury’s School Games Day that involved a variety of competitive activities.

- 47% of Y4-6 pupils participated in an intra- and inter-school World Cup themed competitions.


First aid training for PE Coordinator

Cost of training

= £220

- PE Coordinator to have Emergency First Aid training

- Course attended

- PE Coordinator qualified to administer first aid during fixtures if necessary.

Silver Sainsbury’s School Games Mark

Cost of PE Coordinator release time

 = £990

-Achieve the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Mark

-Provide  extra-curricular and competitive sporting opportunities for KS2

- Provide a range of intra-school tournaments for KS1 and KS2.

- There have been opportunities for pupils to participate in 5 NGB approved Level 1 (intra-school) School Games competitions.

- There have been opportunities for pupils to participate in 9 NGB approved Level 2 (inter-school) School Games competitions.

-Silver Sainsbury’s School Games Mark achieved.


Total School Sports Premium Received


Total Expenditure