E-Safety is about ensuring that children and adults can understand the risks associated with communicating online and can describe some safe and responsible strategies and rules to follow to help minimise or respond to them.

We invited an e-safety consultant to work with the children to develop their awareness of their digital footprint and what sorts of behaviours could put them at risk online. The children then created their own artwork to deliver a key e-safety message and made a school pledge to keep to rules for safer internet use.

On Tuesday 23rd Febrauary the school hosted an e-safety parent workshop. Following parental feedback from last year we arranged for this to be a late evening session. The session was lead by John Khan from 'Anti-Bullying Works' who looked at issues such as digital footprints, how to filter internet access, how to go about monitoring use of instagram, snapchat and various other social media. We hope that those of you who attended found it informative and helpful in helping to keep your children safe online.

Here is some feedback from parents who attended the meeting.

Is there anything you will do as a result of attending the workshop?

· Be more open with my children about being online and teach them about privacy settings

· Will talk to my children about the consequences of their action when they are online

· Will reset all passwords on all digital devices

· Will set control settings on internet use

· Will be more vigilant when my son is using the internet

What did you like about the workshop?

· Informative and made me think about things I’d never thought that important

· Really enjoyed the workshop we can’t always shield our children from the internet but the workshop helped me understand how we can help our child stay safe

· Informative and concise, straightforward language

· Understanding some of the realities of what children are doing online

At Herstmonceux School we teach children about e-safety throughout the whole school through a series of e-safety lessons and on-going discussions.

We have clear procedures for reporting any e-safety issues for staff and pupils.

We have an e-safety day each year where:

  • all staff and governors are invited to update their knowledge and understanding of e-safety
  • pupils take part in assemblies and activities
  • parents are invited to an e-safety workshop
  • all our policies and procedures are updated

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