Be the Best

"When I am challenged I feel happy because I've got something to get my mind around. I persevere by telling myself to carry on over and over again." - Year 4

"I get inspired to keep improving by seeing someone else do it...I am determined to do better and make my team proud." - Year 4

"We were doing some algebra and I got it wrong at first but then I read it again and I understood it." - Year 4

"Other people inspire me to do my best and achieve." - Year 4

"I have been successful in my acting, drawing and sport. I've had many opportunities in school." - Year 4

"I used the 'have a go' and 'not give up' learning powers." - Year 5

"This week I think I have made good choices. For example, I was trusted to use the play dough and other equipment.Bad choices impact the class in a negative way." - Year 5

"When I hear the word challenge I think..'I can do this' because I use all of the learning powers, especially 'enjoy learning'" - Year 5.

"I always have a go when we do a challenge because if you don't have a go then the teachers won't be able to help you. It always makes me happier when my teachers can help me." - Year 5

"When faced with a new challenge I feel that I might not want to do, I know if I don't give up and I concentrate it won't be as bad." - Year 5

"My biggest challenge was auditioning for the play because I was nervous but I had to do it so I imagined nobody was there." - Year 6

"My biggest challenge was SATs because if you rushed it you might get the questions wrong, but if you did it too slowly you would run out of time. Working with others helped me to find a quicker method to find percentages of numbers." - Year 6

"My greatest success has been making my friends happy and laughing at everything!" - Year 6

"Having a learning partner is good because you can work together and find new ways of doing things." - Year 6

"My greatest success was PGL because I had fun and faced my fears." - Year 6