SIAMS Report


Since the last inspection the school has focused on developing its Christian character through completion of its vision statement, ‘Learning, Loving, Caring’, which is lived out in the exceptional level of care given to pupils and its total commitment to meeting the individual needs of the pupils. As a result, pupils including the more vulnerable, achieve well.

Pupils behave very well, speak of everyone being caring and friendly and convey a strong sense of community. Their response to visitors and each other is characterised by courtesy and respect. One child said, ‘It is a loving community. We care for each other and treat everyone the same.’

Parents value the school as a caring and Christian community which is focused on the academic and personal needs of their children. They speak highly of the compassion of the staff in ensuring all pupils are nurtured and develop as fully rounded individuals, relating this to the ‘Christian values of loving and caring being fully embedded in the life of the school.’

Questioning is used effectively within lessons to prompt pupils to think below the surface of religion and belief. As a result, pupils are able to forge links between their study of religion and belief and the relevance to their own lives.

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