G Suite for Education

All of the items listed are for the Windows versions of the G Suite apps, but they are also available from the app store for both Android & Apple devices.

You will also find some basic getting started information by clicking the following link

Click the images below to access

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Access your school email & address book.

The school's recommended way for staff to access Google Drive files is using Team Drive. This installs a network drive on your computer and lets you continue to use Word and your computer as normal.  

Only use File Stream on school computers as it is a security threat to the school's data if you install it on a home personal computer. If you need to access files from a personal home computer please use Google Drive below.

This is the online version of Google Drive.

Here you can create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, websites, upload / share files, and create questionnaires or quizzes.

You can create and share multiple calendars or connect to other teachers calendars. Very helpful when linked to your smartphone

Keep is a fantastic note & list keeping app that can be used to keep track of all those Todo lists, also very handy when linked to your smartphone.

Access Google Play to install apps on your tablet or Chromebook.
You can remotely install apps from your laptop to a tablet or phone.

Click the following link for a list of recommended apps.

Use Google Photos to create albums, Collages & videos. If you install the app on your tablet of smartphone, Google Photos will automatically backup your photos & videos as you take them. You can also get Google Drive to copy all the photos from this for use on the school website or your laptop.